Maths Craft in a Box

Making maths accessible in new ways to support the vital work of maths teachers across the country.

Maths Craft in a Box resources schools, focusing on rural and low-decile schools and kura kaupapa Māori (Māori language immersion schools), to support teachers in delivering engaging, cognitively-rich, and culturally engaged mathematics in the classroom.

A praxis (research and practise) project, Maths Craft in a Box, models Te Pūnaha Matatini’s approach to public engagement. Co-led by Maths Craft New Zealand founders Dr Jeanette McLeod and Dr Phil Wilson, the Maths Craft in a Box project includes design expertise, a mathematics education researcher, and research mathematicians.

Evaluation and research are embedded into this engagement project, with reflexive research into the efficacy of Maths Craft in a Box as a public engagement tool, and the role of design in communicating mathematics, alongside evaluation of the utility of Maths Craft as a pedagogical tool.

With tangible outcomes for school and kura teachers and students, and for community groups, Maths Craft in a Box impacts student confidence with maths and enables novel methods of classroom engagement for teachers. This has important implications for mathematics teaching at all levels and for equity in mathematics more generally.


  • Dr Jeanette McLeod (Project Lead)
  • Dr Phillip Wilson
  • Jo Bailey
  • Dr David Pomeroy