Sponsorship Policy

Te Pūnaha Matatini is committed to increasing equity, diversity, access, and inclusion in science and research, and as such, our expectation when sponsoring events is that event organisers will have a documented plan to achieve balanced gender and cultural representation in keynote and invited speakers, and on panels, as well as processes to ensure representative diversity amongst general event attendees. We note that gender is not binary.

Furthermore, we expect organising committees to be diverse, and to have documented plans and processes for supporting broader diversity in conference attendees, speakers, and invited speakers.

We also expect event organisers to create a safe space for all participants in Te Pūnaha Matatini-sponsored events, and ask that organising committees implement a Code of Conduct – our Te Pūnaha Matatini code of conduct is available as a reference, and a New Zealand-specific collated resource for conference or event organisers is available here.

Where possible, our preferred sponsorship mechanism is to support the provision of a dedicated and suitable parenting space at the conference, symposium or meeting, with a live stream provided of plenary sessions for those present in the parenting space, and the use of Sli.do or similar for audience questions and participation.

Applicants for Te Pūnaha Matatini sponsorship are required to:

  1. Supply their documented plans and processes for ensuring representation in speakers, panellists, and attendees
  2. List the membership of their organising committee
  3. Provide documentation from event venue for the provision of a dedicated parenting space, with description of facilities
  4. Submit a draft Code of Conduct, with their letter of application.

Use and share this policy

This policy is released under a CC BY-NC license, and we encourage you to make use of it.