The Co-production Project

Developing knowledge and understanding of the process of co-producing research with communities in order to improve use of this method in an Aotearoa New Zealand setting.

Co-production is an approach to research in which communities who are meant to benefit from (and who may be affected by) the research become contributors in formulating, designing, carrying out, analysing, and reporting the research. This process aims to balance out the power dynamics between those considered ‘experts’ and those the research aims to support to ensure their voices are listened to and that they may ultimately benefit from the project’s outcomes.

The co-production process is underpinned by respect, equality and kindness, and encourages collective learning, positive relationships and effective communication. These principles provide the core foundation to this team’s way of operating.

This research is process-orientated, focusing on demonstrating co-production approaches, and developing knowledge of co-production in order to improve use of this method in an Aotearoa New Zealand setting.

This project will explore co-production through a series of case studies, the first being around women’s health experiences. We aim to build a library of robust research questions that are a priority for women and co-produced by women.


  • Professor Anna Brown (Project Lead)
  • Associate Professor Faith Kane
  • Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles
  • Associate Professor Rhian Salmon
  • Jo Bailey
  • Anjuli Muller (PhD student)
  • Eleanor McGechie (MDes student)