Haere mai ki Te Pūnaha Matatini

Toki nui te toki!
Toki roa te toki!

Toki tā wahie.
Ka whanatu au
Ka hahau i te takapū o Rangi e tū nei
Ka hinga, ka mate …
Ki a Papatūānuku e takoto nei –
Tihei mauri ora!

Welcome to Te Pūnaha Matatini

Together we have a powerful adze,
able to take down the greatest tree.

May your visit to us be welcoming and,
that we might aid you
in the task you face,
however great or small.

Researching impact of Moa extinctions on early Māori

Researching impact of Moa extinctions on early Māori

Te Pūnaha Matatini incoming co-directors Cilla Wehi and Murray Cox have collaborated with Hēmi Whaanga and kaumatua Tom Roa, from the Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies, University of Waikato, analysing Māori ancestral sayings (whakataukī), and their recognition of extinctions.

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Our Research

Complexity, Risk, and Uncertainty

Today, both society and the economy generate a complex torrent of data. If this unprecedented flow of information is to be made useful, we require new tools and methods for its analysis.

Complex Economic and Social Systems

Understanding the complexity of economic networks and network effects is increasingly important in our interconnected, data-rich, global economic system, with significant importance to New Zealand – a small, distant country, with a highly specialised economy.

Complexity and the Biosphere

We’re applying network analysis, complexity theory, and dynamical systems methodologies to understand the inter-relationships between species, and how biodiversity depends on the environment; developing models that couple the interactions between biodiversity, the economy, and human decision-making.