Report By Hafiz Mohd

The second TPM Complexity and the Biosphere theme meeting, was held on Aug 27th 2015 at the University of Canterbury. This meeting brought together researchers in mathematics, science and other disciplines to discuss problems involving complex systems and networks. This year we had an exciting range of speakers ranging from talks on biological problems to discussion on economic welfare. Distinguished Professor and prominent theoretical ecologist from the University of California Davis, Alan Hastings, kicked off the meeting with exciting talk on modelling resource pulses. He discussed how theoretical results are used to provide important insight into the dynamics of resource pulses in the ecosystems. Another great talk was given by William Godsoe on predicting the distributions of species. As an ecologist at the Lincoln University, he specialises in employing mathematical models to understand different factors that can shape species’ distributions. We also enjoyed interesting talks from Stephen, Andrea, Simone, Mubashir, and Hafiz.


One of the talks during the meeting (Photo: Rachelle Binny)

Overall, meeting attendees enjoyed a productive day filled with great talks, delicious food and numerous opportunities to communicate and network in a collaborative environment. We would like to thank the organisers, attendees, presenters and sponsors for helping to make this second meeting a success. See you next time!