By Ebba Olsen, Age 14

Nano-Girl was a very interesting event. There were many experiments ranging from a small electric shock which had lights and sounds to make it seem bigger to giant explosions. Some experiments were more educational than others. Rubbing a balloon on a volunteer’s hair explained about the change within the atoms and the electrons moving between the balloon and the hair. While a shopping trolley powered by fire extinguishers was more just for fun.

My favourite experiment was liquid nitrogen sealed in a bottle placed in a bucket full of ping pong balls. The liquid nitrogen expanded causing the bottle to explode and the ping pong balls to go flying. While scientific and educational Nano-girl was also very humorous. She told many jokes and had a funny assistant called Boris who helped her conduct some of the experiments. Many of which were dangerous such as the washing detergent and fire experiment. This allowed Nano-girl to hold fire in her hand without being burnt.

Another one would have been the indoor lightning experiment but this sadly didn’t work because of something that happened during rehearsals. The projectors showed what was supposed to happen though. These projectors were very useful. It showed diagrams to explain how things worked as well as what was on stage so you could see it easier. Nano-girl was great for people of all ages. It was a fun experience definitely worth going to.