Social network analysis of the biosecurity tourism landscape in New Zealand





Project description

The intern will work with a social scientist to undertake a social network analysis of information-seeking among tourism providers regarding biosecurity in New Zealand. This will involve conducting an online survey, sorting and analysing the data, and generating network maps. A final report will be required at the conclusion of the internship, reporting the results of the analysis. This will be co-written by the intern and key researcher on the project.

Through this project we seek to work with the intern to develop and improve social network methodologies. This could include streamlining data sorting, cleaning and entry processes, for example through software carpentry or by utilising a larger suite of analysis tools. The research team also seeks to better understand the use of algorithms within network analysis software. This may involve working with additional existing data sets.

This project will provide a mutual capability building opportunity between the intern and the key researchers, to exchange knowledge, methods and processes regarding analysis of social research data for social network analysis.

Skills required

Proficient with excel and software like Python/Gephi, software carpentry, social network analysis (optional), willing or comfortable to work with social science methodologies, able to consider practical applications of research. Also interested in working in an agricultural research organisation.