Review of potential benefits of linking administrative and survey data for research and policy practice


Ministry of Social Development



Project description

The Ministry of Social Development is investigating potential future opportunities to link integrated administrative data with data collected from surveys. Part of this work involves critically reviewing and summarizing the New Zealand and international evidence about administrative and survey data linkage and how these linkages have helped deliver insights that make a contribution to social policy and research.

The intern will be responsible for reviewing relevant research using linked survey and administrative data and identifying case studies relevant to social sector agencies that demonstrate the diverse and unique ways in which linked survey and administrative data can inform policy and service delivery.  As well as reviewing the potential benefits of data linkage, the review should outline some of the risks and limitations of such linkages and how these can be addressed.  The intern will summarise their findings in a report to MSD managers and deliver a presentation to the Research and Evaluation team.  Interns may be asked to assist with other team tasks as required.

Skills required

  • Experience undertaking literature reviews is essential (ideally within social science or relevant health disciplines)
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative research experience preferred
  • Ability to complete projects in a timely way and to be flexible to changing project requirements is essential

Additional application information

In you are interested in applying for this project, please outline in your application why you think this project is of interest to you, the skills you can bring to the project and include an example of a literature review you have written in the past (this can be as part of an assignment such as an essay or introduction section of a lab report).