Investigating administrative data for non-private dwellings


Stats NZ



Project description

Stats NZ is currently investigating alternatives to direct data collection for producing NZ population statistics. This includes investigating whether some of the data collected in NZ’s Census of Population & Dwellings could be replaced by combining administrative data from across Government departments (DIA, IRD, Ministry of Health).

This project is specifically focused on investigating whether these administrative data sources can provide accurate information (counts and demographics) for people who usually live in non-private dwellings (NPDs) – eg. rest homes, university halls of residence.

 Working with a Statistical Analyst, you will:

  • identify and prioritise potential administrative data sources to investigate
  • explore and analyse some of these data sources, including comparative analysis against census data, to determine whether administrative data can provide accurate information on people living in NPDs
  • write a final report and present on your findings.

Your work on this project will feed into Stats NZ’s Census Transformation programme, which is due to make a recommendation to Government in 2020.

Skills required

  • Right to work in New Zealand
  • Statistics papers at 3rd year level or above
  • Skills in hands-on exploration and analysis
  • Experience in statistical programming in SAS or R
  • Good verbal and written communication skills