On Friday 28th August, our new Associate Investigator Rebecca Ford took part in the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2015 (IST15)
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Research session:
Cultures of transitions:
Using the EC framework to examine socio- technical transitions [143]
Talk: The rise of PV: opportunities and barriers for socio-technical transition.
Rebecca Ford, Janet Stephenson, Michelle Scott, John Williams, Ben Wooliscroft,    David Rees, Geoff King.

The talk was about PV uptake in NZ: Privately owned micro-generation is challenging the normal operation of electricity systems. This paper uses the Energy Cultures framework to explore PV uptake as an interplay between existing technologies, policies, markets, practices, norms, and socio-cultural meanings. System dynamics modelling is used to probe interactions between multiple levels within this complex socio-technical transition. We explore feedback loops that may act as change levers, as well as the potential impacts on electricity markets and new models that may be required for future operation.