2018 Research outputs

Journal Articles




Aref S., Wilson M.C., Balance and frustration in signed networks, Journal of Complex Networks


Ashwin P., Postlethwaite C., Sensitive Finite-State Computations Using a Distributed Network With a Noisy Network Attractor, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems


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Brierley G., Tadaki M., Hikuroa D., Blue B., Šunde C., Tunnicliffe J., Salmond A., A geomorphic perspective on the rights of the river in Aotearoa New Zealand, River Research and Applications


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Döcker J., Linz S., On the existence of a cherry-picking sequence, Theoretical Computer Science


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Furian N., Neubacher D., O’Sullivan M., Walker C., GEDMod –Towards a generic toolkit for emergency department modeling, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory


Furian N., Walker C., Voessner S., O’Sullivan M., Evaluating the impact of optimization algorithms for patient transits dis- patching using discrete event simulation, Operations Research for Health Care

Greig K., Gosling A., Collins C.J., Boocock J., McDonald K., Addison D.J., Allen M.S., David B., Gibbs M., Higham C.F.W., Liu F., McNiven I.J., O’Connor S., Tsang C.H., Walter R., Mat- isoo-Smith E., Complex history of dog (Canis familiaris) origins and translocations in the Paci c revealed by ancient mitoge- nomes, Scientific Reports


Grimshaw G.M., Kranz L.S., Carmel D., Moody R.E., Devue C., Contrasting reactive and proactive control of emotional distraction., Emotion


Groendyke C., Welch D., epinet: An R package to analyze epidemics spread across contact networks, Journal of Statistical Software


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Hikuroa D., Clark J., Olsen A., Camp E., Severed at the head: towards revitalising the mauri of Te Awa o te Atua, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research


Holland E.P., Binny R.N., James A., Optimal control of irrupt- ing pest populations in a climate-driven ecosystem, PeerJ


Hu Y., Oxley L., Bubble Contagion: Evidence from Japan’s Asset Price Bubble of the 1980-90s, Journal of Japanese and International economics


Hu Y., Oxley L., Do 18th century ‘bubbles’ survive the scrutiny of 21st century time series econometrics?, Economics Letters


Hudjashov G., Endicott P., Post H., Nagle N., Ho S.Y.W., Law- son D.J., Reidla M., Karmin M., Rootsi S., Metspalu E., Saag L., Villems R., Cox M.P., Mitchell R.J., Garcia-Bertrand R.L., Metspalu M., Herrera R.J., Investigating the origins of eastern Polynesians using genome-wide data from the Leeward Society Isles, Scientific Reports


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Rajagopal V., Bass G., Ghosh S., Hunt H., Walker C., Hanssen E., Crampin E., Soeller C., Creating a structurally realistic finite element geometric model of a cardiomyocyte to study the role of cellular architecture in cardiomyocyte systems biology, Journal of Visualized Experiments


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Schneider M.T.Y., Zhang J., Walker C., Crisco J.J., Weiss A.C., Ladd A.L., Nielsen P.M.F., Besier T., Early morphologic changes in trapeziometacarpal joint bones with osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis and Cartilage


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Shepherd J.D., Gillingham S., Heuer T., Barron M.C., Byrom A.E., Pech R.P., Multi-scale dynamic maps for the manage- ment of invading and established wildlife populations: Brushtail possums in New Zealand, Wildlife Research


Sin I., The Gravity of Ideas: How Distance A ects Translations, The Economic Journal


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Verma P., Patel N., Nair N., Brent A.C., Improving the energy e ciency of the New Zealand economy: A policy comparison with other renewable-rich countries, Energy Policy


Wang A., Ziedins I., Probabilistic selfish routing in parallel batch and single-server queues, Queueing Systems


Wehi P., Cox M.P., Roa T., Whaanga H., Human Perceptions of Megafaunal Extinction Events Revealed by Linguistic Analysis of Indigenous Oral Traditions, Human Ecology


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Whaanga H., Wehi P., Cox M.P., Roa T., Kusabs I., Māori oral traditions record and convey indigenous knowledge of marine and freshwater resources, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research


Zhou Q.S., Olsen T.L., Rotating the medical supplies for emergency response: A simulation-based approach, International Journal of Production Economics


Book chapters

Alimi O., Maré D., Poot J., More Pensioners, Less Income Inequality? The Impact of Changing Age Composition on Inequality in Big Cities and Elsewhere, Modelling Aging and Migration Effects on Spatial Labor Markets (New York & Berlin: Springer)


Anghel C., Archer K., Chang J., Cochran A., Radulescu A., Sala a C.M., Turner R., Karamatou Y.D., Zhong L. Simulations of the Vascular Network Growth Process for Studying Placenta Structure and Function Associated with Autism. Understanding Complex Biological Systems with Mathematics (Springer)


Labra-Sprohnle F., Smith G., Ahammer H., Postlethwaite C., Liu I., Teesdale-Spittle P., Frean M., Predictive Modelling of The Dynamic Patterns of Thinking in Attention-De cit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Diagnostic Accuracy of Spatiotemporal Fractal Measures – in the bioRxiv, Submission in bioRxiv


Matheson A., Walton M., Gray R., Lindberg K., Shanthakumar M., Wehipeihana N., Summative Evaluation Report of Healthy Families NZ 2018, Technical Report


Preston K., Maré D., Grimes A., Donovan S., Amenities and the attractiveness of New Zealand cities, Motu Working Paper 18-14


Sin I., Apatov E., Maré D., How did removing allowances for postgraduate study a ect students’ choices?, Motu Working Paper 18-03, (2018)


Sin I., Dasgupta K., Pacheco G., Parenthood and labour market outcomes, report for the Ministry for Women and Motu Working Paper 18-08, (2018), Working Paper


Published conference papers

Abdelmegid M.A., Gonzalez V.A., Naraghi A.M., O’Sullivan M., Walker C., Poshdar M. Towards a conceptual modeling framework for construction simulation. Winter Simulation Conference


Abdelmegid M.A., Naraghi A.M., Gonzalez V., O’Sullivan M., Walker C., Poshdar M., Ying F., A simulation decision-making support tool to manage construction site operations: A piling case study, International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, CIE


Aref S., Friggens D., Hendy S., Analysing scienti c collaborations of New Zealand institutions using scopus bibliometric data, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series


Bayati S., Peiris K.D.A., Road to Success: How Newcomers Gain Reputation in Open Source Community, PACIS 2018


Bayati S., Understanding newcomers success in open source community, Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion Proceeedings