2017 Research outputs

Journal Articles




Behzadi, G., O’Sullivan, M.J., Olsen, T.L., Scrimgeour, F., Zhang, A., International Journal of Production Economics, Robust and resilient strategies for managing supply disruptions in an agribusiness supply chain


Behzadi, G., O’Sullivan, M.J., Olsen, T.L., Zhang, A., International Journal of Production Research, Allocation flexibility for agribusiness supply chains under market demand disruption


Behzadi, G., O’Sullivan, M.J., Olsen, T.L., Zhang, A., Omega (United Kingdom), Agribusiness supply chain risk management: A review of quantitative decision models


Bordewich, M., Linz, S., Semple, C., Journal of Theoretical Biology, Lost in space? Generalising subtree prune and regraft to spaces of phylogenetic networks


Broad, J.B., Lumley, T., Ashton, T., Davis, P.B., Boyd, M., Connolly, M.J., Australasian Journal on Ageing, Transitions to and from long-term care facilities and length of completed stay: Reuse of population-based survey data


Brucato, N., Kusuma, P., Beaujard, P., Sudoyo, H., Cox, M.P., Ricaut, F.-X., Scientific Reports, Genomic admixture tracks pulses of economic activity over 2,000 years in the Indian Ocean trading network


de Rassenfosse, G., Jaffe, A.B., Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Are patent fees effective at weeding out low-quality patents?


Dupont, P.-Y., Cox, M.P., G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, Genomic Data Quality Impacts Automated Detection of Lateral Gene Transfer in Fungi


Faauia, T.N., Morgan, T.K.B., Hikuroa, D.C.H., Ecological Indicators, Ensuring objectivity by applying the Mauri Model to assess the post-disaster affected environments of the 2011 MV Rena disaster in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Garvey, P.M., Glen, A.S., Clout, M.N., Wyse, S.V., Nichols, M., Pech, R.P., Ecological Applications, Exploiting interspecific olfactory communication to monitor predators


Gavryushkina, A., Heath, T.A., Ksepka, D.T., Stadler, T., Welch, D., Drummond, A.J., Systematic Biology, Bayesian total-evidence dating reveals the recent crown radiation of penguins


Glen, A.S., Latham, M.C., Anderson, D., Leckie, C., Niemiec, R., Pech, R.P., Byrom, A.E., Biological Invasions, Landholder participation in regional-scale control of invasive predators: an adaptable landscape model


Glen, A.S., Pech, R.P., Davey, C., Molsher, R.L., New Zealand Journal of Zoology, Raptors vs aliens: can indigenous birds of prey help control invasive predators?


Golzarpoor, H., González, V.A., O’Sullivan M., Mehdi Shahbazpour, M., Walker, C.G., Poshdar, M, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, A non-queue-based paradigm in Discrete-Event-Simulation modelling for construction operations


Hannah, K., Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Finding Matilda: deconstructing women’s invisibility in Finding New Zealand’s Scientific Heritage


Higham, K.W., Governale, M., Jaffe, A.B., Zulicke, U., Journal of Informetrics, Unraveling the dynamics of growth, aging and inflation for citations to scientific articles from specific research fields


Holland, E.P., Mugford, J., Binny, R.N., James, A., Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, How Herbivore Browsing Strategy Affects Whole-Plant Photosynthetic Capacity


Huang, J., Wu, C., Minasny, B., Roudier, P., McBratney, A.B., Geoderma, Unravelling scale- and location-specific variations in soil properties using the 2-dimensional empirical mode decomposition

Jaffe, A.B., de Rassenfosse, G., Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Patent citation data in social science research: Overview and best practices


James, A., McLeod, J., Rouco, C., Richardson, K., Tompkins, D., Royal Soc. Open Sci, Spatial utilization predicts animal social contact networks are not scale-free


Kopf, R.K., Nimmo, D.G., Humphries, P., Baumgartner, L., Bode, M., Bond, N., Byrom, A.E., Cucherousset, J., Keller, R., King, A., McGinness, H.M., Moyle, P.B., Olden, J., Nature Ecology and Evolution, Confronting the risks of large-scale invasive species control


Ladefoged, T.N., Preston, A., Vitousek, P.M., Chadwick, O.A., Stein, J., Graves, Archaeology in Oceania, Soil nutrients and pre-European contact agriculture in the leeward Kohala field system, Island of Hawai’i


Lansing, J.S., Abundo, C., Jacobs, G.S., Guillot, E.G., Thurner, S., Downey, S.S., Chew, L.Y., Bhattacharya, T., Chung, N., Sudoyo, H., Cox, M.P., PNAS, Kinship structures create persistent channels for language transmission


Latham, A.D.M., Warburton, B., Byrom, A.E., Pech, R.P., Biological Invasions, The ecology and management of mammal invasions in forests


Li, N., Stanford, D.A., Taylor, P., Ziedins, I., Operations Research, Nonlinear accumulating priority queues with equivalent linear proxies


Lobsey, C.R., Viscarra Rossel, R.A., Roudier, P., Hedley, C.B., European Journal of Soil Science, rs-local data-mines information from spectral libraries to improve local calibrations


Macinnis-Ng, C., Webb, T., Lin, Y.-S., Schwendenmann, L., Medlyn, B., New Zealand Journal of Botany, Leaf age-related and diurnal variation in gas exchange of kauri (Agathis australis)


Macinnis-Ng, C., Wyse, S.V., Webb, T., Taylor, D., Schwendenmann, L., Trees – Structure and Function, Sustained carbon uptake in a mixed age southern conifer forest


Mahdavi, M., Olsen, T.L., Technology, Information and Operations Management, Designing Effective Supply Chains in Strategic Alignment with Demand Characteristics and Market Requirements


Maré, D.C., Hyslop, D.R., Fabling, R., New Zealand Economic Papers, Firm productivity growth and skill


McAlister, A., Allen, M.S., PLoS ONE, Basalt geochemistry reveals high frequency of prehistoric tool exchange in low hierarchy Marquesas Islands (Polynesia)


McCoy, M.D., Mulrooney, M.A., Horrocks, M., Cheng, H., Ladefoged, T.N., Archaeology in Oceania, Evaluating agricultural bet-hedging strategies in the Kona Field System: New high-precision 230Th/U and 14C dates and plant microfossil data from Kealakekua, Hawai‘i Island


Miller, S.A., McFarlane, G., Allen, M.S., Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Dental analysis demonstrates variability in diet and health of prehistoric Polynesian pigs


Morgan K.J., Pomroy W.E., Howe L., Alley M.R., Castro I., Parasitology Research, Description of four new species of coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from brown kiwi, Apteryx mantelli, in New Zealand


Plank, M.J., Kolding, J., Law, R., Gerrits, Fish and Fisheries, Balanced harvesting can emerge from fishing decisions by individual fishers in a small-scale fishery.


Sinclair, A.R.E., Pech, R.P., Fryxell, J.M., Kevin McCann, K., Byrom, A.E., Savory, C.J., Brashares, J., Arthur,A.D., Catling, P.C., Triska, M.D., Craig, M.D., Sinclair, T.J.E., McLaren, J.R., Turkington, R., Beyers, R.L., Harrower, W.L., Conservation Letters, Predicting and Assessing Progress in the Restoration of Ecosystems