2015 In the Media

The launch of Te Pūnaha Matatini was profiled by RNZ’s Our Changing World – (Science of complex systems.) 


Shaun Hendy appeared regularly on RNZ Nights as a physics correspondent, and was featured in a number of articles across both mainstream and digital media. 


Siouxsie Wiles is a regular science commentator on RNZ and also appeared regularly throughout the media in 2015. 


Building blocks of bias: Lego and gender (TedXAuckland talk)

Michele Hewitson interview: Siouxsie Wiles (NZ Herald)  

Flu the next global disaster (Stuff) 

South Korea doing all the right things to contain MERS (Newshub)  

Women in Science (The Wireless)  


Michelle Dickinson, winner of the Callaghan Medal for science communication, is a trusted name in science media in New Zealand. Michelle was regularly a featured contributor for NZ Herald, RadioLive and Newshub.


Science and tech: heart disease (NZ Herald)

Trusty sunscreen does hard yards against rays (NZ Herald)

Nanogirl: Would you eat a burger grown in a lab? (NZ Herald) 

Why you’re unlikely to see Sonny Bill Williams’ torso exposed again (NZ Herald) 

Science and Tech: Self-driving car (NZ Herald)  

Science and tech: Michelle Dickinson (NZ Herald) 

Scientist slams engineering firm’s sexist advertising (NZ Herald) 

Carey or scary? Love of Christmas all in the mind (NZ Herald) 

It’s about how much you want to pay (NZ Herald)

Technology and innovation (RNZ)  

Science Commentator Michelle Dickinson (RNZ)  

Nanogirl (RNZ) 

Women in Science (The Wireless) 


Pierre Roudier hosted a recurring segment on RNZ Monday nights called Soil Science and appeared on TV3’s Newsworthy.  

Soil Scientist Explains Why International Year of Soils Is Important (Newsworthy) 


Other Te Pūnaha Matatini investigators whose research featured in the media in 2015:  

Alexei Drummond  

 Twelve Questions: Alexei Drummond (NZ Herald)

 Smartphone data to help fight the flu (NZ Herald)


Andrea Byrom 

Is humanity the asteroid or the dinosaurs? (NZ Herald)

Natural disasters, will we be ready for the next big one? (NZ Herald)

Ten climate change canaries (NZ Herald)

Predator Free New Zealand (RNZ)


Richard Easther 

Twelve Questions: Richard Easther (NZ Herald)

New Zealand meteor: Space rock just a flash in history (NZ Herald)

Kiwi scientist reviews The Martian (NZ Herald)
Battle of the planets: Yock strikes back (Stuff)
Why the World’s Most Powerful Telescope Has Just Been Ruled Unlawful (Gizmodo)


Rebecca Ford  

Would you would buy an electric car? (NZ Herald)
Spotlight on solar systems (RNZ)


Dan Hikuroa 

Traditional Māori myths may hold clues for natural hazards (Stuff)

Iwi shown path for growth (Rotorua Daily Post)

Research identifies strategies for Māori economic development (Māori Television)


Adam Jaffe  

Science funding under the microscope (RNZ)

Marsden Fund comes under the microscope (RNZ)


Suzi Kerr  

Paris climate talks – live chat with Suzi Kerr (Stuff)
Climate of Hope – Q & A with Suzi Kerr (NZ Herald)
Age of resilience (RNZ)


Thegn Ladefoged  

New research blows Rapa Nui collapse theory

(RNZ)Debate Over Puzzling Demise Of Easter Island Population May Finally Be Over (Huffington Post)

Easter Island’s demise may have surprising new explanation (Fox News)
Easter Island Extinction Blamed on Environment (Nature World News)

Rapa Nui Population Decline: Demise of Easter Island Society Linked To Environmental Constraints (International Business Times)


David Mare 

Productivity stats get a nudge (NZ Herald)

Research shows average skill of workers fell between 2001-12 (RNZ)


Barry Milne  

New flag survey shows solid majority reject change (NZ Herald)

Expats say let’s keep monarchy (NZ Herald)

Flag options put in front of public before referendum (Wanganui Chronicle)

New Zealand Picks a Challenger for Nation’s Flag (New York Times)

New Zealand Debates Replacing Union Jack Flag, But With What? (New York Times)


Les Oxley 

Waikato University professor needs help to transcribe World War I documents (Stuff)

Food poverty’s impact on agriculture (Bay Of Plenty Times)