2018 In the Media


Adrian McDonald 

Super-cooled liquid clouds: Why researchers want to know more (Radio NZ)
Scientists to investigate unexplored Antarctic sea floor (Newstalk ZB)


Alex James 

Science Made Simple: Alex James on complex systems (NZ Herald) 

Andrea Byrom

‘Facts’ don’t give scientists a monopoly on the truth (Stuff)
Government announces special funding to fight kauri dieback (Newshub)

50 questions about the environment: Our nature (NZ Herald)
Should we learn to live with introduced species rather than wipe them out completely? (Stuff)

New funding to tackle kauri dieback and myrtle rust may not be enough (Newshub)

Can New Zealand really kill every rat, possum and stoat? (Newstalk ZB)
Myrtle rust spreads to South Island (Otago Daily Times)
Myrtle rust found for first time on DOC land (NZ Herald)
Researchers air criticisms of NZ’s 2050 pest wipe-out mission (NZ Herald)


Arvind Tripathi 

How Kiwi teen went from sharing inspirational quotes to working with US millionaires (Stuff)

Barry Milne 

2018 Census external data quality panel confirmed (Scoop)

Cate Macinnis-Ng 

Auckland scientist climbs Kauri to study impact of climate change on giants of the forest (TVNZ)
Is the Quay St protest really about the trees? (The Spinoff)
The worst climate change denial myths, debunked by experts (Stuff)
From climate delusion to Taylor Swift to Rocket Lab: NZ scientists’ 2018 revelation (The Spinoff)
Climbing kauri for climate change (Aotearoa Science Agency Youtube)

Daniel Hikuroa 

Scoop: New members of Pāmu Environment Reference Group announced (Scoop)

David Hall 

How Jacinda Ardern embodies the spirit of republicanism (Stuff)
Government’s billion trees should include natives (NZ Herald)
We all need to make a difference to the climate (NZ Herald)
Step two: ignore step one and accept people do give a toss about climate change (The Spinoff)
Comment: Why it’s time to bank on a greener future (NZ Herald)
GDP should be just one barometer of how a country’s doing (Stuff)
Paris riots show importance of getting climate policy right (Stuff)

Editorial: A need for more resilient forests (Stuff)
Clear-cut forestry might make a profit, but local communities pay the price (Stuff)
Delving into the issues (Otago Daily Times)

Isabel Castro 

Big-brother listens in to native birds to help protect them (Stuff)
Study to look at use of native birds to control orchard pests (Newshub)
It’s ‘Save The Kiwi’ month, yet they’re declining at 2 per cent a year (Stuff)
Starlings flocking back in defiance of scarers (Stuff)
Native birds on pest control mission (NZ Herald)

Isabelle Sin 

Profile: Isabelle Sin (MBIE Curious Minds)
Mothers take 4.4% wage cut to have a baby, research reveals (NZ Herald)
How parenthood continues to cost women more than men (Victoria University Blog)
Gender pay gap: The argument for discussing pay with colleagues (Newshub)
The parent pay chasm: how the gender pay gap widens among those with kids (The Spinoff)
Wage penalty of motherhood – revealed (Radio NZ)
Out-dated gender roles: Gender pay gap larger among parents than non-parents (National Council of Women New Zealand)
Strikes and lockouts to be banned during negotiations for new Fair Pay Agreements (TVNZ)
Government’s Fair Pay Agreement work to begin (Government Press Release)
Jim Bolger to lead ‘Fair Pay’ working group (Otago Daily Times)

Kate Hannah 

Michelle Duf: Let Beatrice Tinsley’s shining star guide the way (Stuff)

Marcus Frean 

Mathematics Shows How to Ensure Evolution (Quanta Magazine)

Michelle Dickinson 

Sometimes it really is rocket science (Gisborne Herald)
Kiwi scientist calls out Elon Musk’s ‘bulls**t’ (Newshub)
Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: Sun sets on grimy homes and harmful bacteria (NZ Herald)
Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: Is banning plastic bags bad for the environment? (NZ Herald)
Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: Modifying our fight against cancer (NZ Herald)
Nanogirl Dr Michelle Dickinson: Early bird or night owl, you can get the grades (NZ Herald)
Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: Sponging up lithium to power smartphones (NZ Herald)
Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: Tattoos get under your skin (NZ Herald)
 Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: How drinking water could keep you safe, dehydration has greater effect than thought (NZ Herald)
Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson: Real dangers of drinking (NZ Herald)

Murray Cox 

How Indonesia’s DNA secrets could help NZ (NZ Herald)
Oral traditions show that early Māori recognised the extinction of the moa (The Spinoff)

Nirmal Nair 

Nirmal Nair on bitcoin and power usage, cybersecurity threats to electricity grid resilience, NZ’s tree planting, the Census, RD&D, microchipping employees, Dilbert and more (Interest.co.nz)
The Carrington Event (Radio Live)

Priscilla Wehi 

Oral traditions show that early Māori recognised the extinction of the moa (The Spinoff)
Whangarei carver heading to Antarctica (NZ Herald)

Rachael Ka’ai-Mahuta

The lasting legacy of a Pākehā teacher who believed in the power of te reo Māori (The Spinoff)
Time to kōrero te reo! Give it a go (NZ Doctor)

Rachelle Binny 

Saving our native species comes with winners and losers (NZ Herald)

Rebecca Priestley 

Celebrating the amazing women of Antarctica (The Spinoff)
Book Awards Judges announced for 2019 (Scoop)
Michelle Duf: Let Beatrice Tinsley’s shining star guide the way (Stuff)
How Ross Island tells the story of climate change in Antarctica (Noted)
Nelson teacher named Royal Society Companion (Stuff)
Radioactive generators powered Antarctic science (Stuff)

Shaun Hendy 

What Next? The Next Chapter (TVNZ)

More transparency wanted around Government’s national science challenges (Stuff)
Why scientist Shaun Hendy has grounded himself (Radio NZ)
Scientist Shaun Hendy’s year of no flying for climate change (Stuff)
Top scientist’s climate-friendly, fight-free 2018 (NZ Herald)
Why is NZ’s environmental regulator trying to muzzle scientist Mike Joy? (The Spinoff)
Q&A: Remembering Kiwi visionary Sir Paul Callaghan (NZ Herald)
Scientists a minority among GMO submissions in the north (Newsroom)
Nelson company partner with Israeli biotech firm to produce valuable algae (TVNZ) 
Dancing with Atoms: the new documentary honouring the ‘Sir Ed of science’ (The Spinoff)
Budget: Few surprises in Govt’s science and tech spend (NZ Herald)

Shaun was a regular science correspondent for TVNZ Breakfast, The AM Show; Radio Live science correspondent for Graeme Hill, and RNZ Nights. 


Siouxsie Wiles 

David Seymour’s claims against reusable bags fact checked by leading scientists (Stuff)
Three inspirational Kiwis picked for New Zealander of the Year awards (NZ Herald)
Siouxsie Wiles: Funding research is disheartening (Stuff)
Enough is enough. Academics must stand up against this bullshit (The Spinoff)
Trailblazers: Siouxsie Wiles (NZ Herald)
‘Kids are born scientists’ – Siouxsie Wiles talks STEM and sexism (NZ Herald)
Siouxsie Wiles: Politicians, don’t interfere with science (Stuff)
Mothers take 4.4% wage cut to have a baby, research reveals (NZ Herald)
Siouxsie Wiles: Sex chromosomes more complicated than XY and XX (Stuff)
‘Only a matter of time’ before superbug with no treatment arrives in NZ (Newstalk ZB)

Siouxsie is a regular correspondant on RNZ’s Nine to Noon. 

Steffen Lippert 

‘From theory to Application’: Transfers, self-enforcing agreements and climate cooperation (Coalition Theory Network series)

Stephen Marsland 

Big-brother listens in to native birds to help protect them (Stuff)

Suzi Kerr 

Climate change making storms ‘more intense’ says scientist (Radio NZ)
Interim climate change committee gets underway (Scoop)
New committee to immediately begin work on making farmers pay for climate pollution (NZ

Climate change committee just needs a farmer (Rural News)
What’s the beef with methane? (Newsroom)
Enviro watchdog: Farm tool Overseer needs oversight (NZ Herald)
Planting push could cut emissions and boost jobs: report (Newsroom)
How NZ could cut agriculture emissions by to 10 per cent (NZ Herald)
Climate change committee members announced (Radio NZ)
Outsourcing Government: The $55m cost of reviews (Stuff)
How many children should we have for the country? (Radio NZ)

Tava Olsen 

Is Auckland headed for disaster? (NZ Herald)

Troy Baisden 

Troy Baisden: Six ways to improve lakes and rivers (NZ Herald)
Can the lessons of Havelock North reverse the declining health of NZ waterways? (The Spinoff)
Freshwater quality: Good news and bad news (Newshub)
Biosecurity and Sustainable Farming Fund big winners in Budget (Stuff)
Murky report highlights state of New Zealand waterways (Newstalk ZB)
Enviro watchdog: Farm tool Overseer needs oversight (NZ Herald)
Six ways to improve water quality in New Zealand’s lakes and rivers (NBR)
Te Waikoropupū Springs hearing adjourned over challenge to evidence (Stuff)
Six ways to improve water quality in New Zealand’s lakes and rivers (The Conversation)