Antibiotics are a cornerstone of modern medicine, used to treat infectious diseases and prevent infection in vulnerable humans and animals. A 2014 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that within a decade, antibiotic resistance will make routine surgery, organ transplantation and cancer treatment life-threatening.

In this project, we will build a picture of antibiotic use in New Zealand which includes both human and agricultural use. Such a map will highlight potential breeding grounds for antibiotic resistant bacteria that should help in the development of policies to tackle antibiotic resistance.

The project will be part of Te Pūnaha Matatini (TPM), which is the New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence for Complex Systems, Data and Networks, and will be co-supervised by TPM investigators with various backgrounds. Student background and interest could determine some directions for the project, which will be located at the University of Auckland.

This project would suit either a mathematician/computer scientist with an interest in infectious diseases, or a microbiologist/molecular biologist with an interest in computing. Some fieldwork may be involved. Applicants will need to meet the eligibility criteria for the University of Auckland.

Total value
The three-year scholarship covers PhD tuition fees (for a domestic or international student) and a stipend of NZ$27,300 per annum.

How to apply
For more information contact and to apply, please contact:
Dr Siouxsie Wiles
University of Auckland
New Zealand