2017 In the Media

Adam Jaff

Coalition deal: Is our new R&D goal realistic? (NZ Herald)

Climate’s impact on NZ health and more (Science Media Centre) 


Andrea Byrom 

50 questions about the environment: Our nature (NZ Herald) 

Should we learn to live with introduced species rather than wipe them out completely? (Stuff) 

Summer brings risk of rapid myrtle rust spread (Radio NZ) 

NZ ‘may have lost battle’ against myrtle rust (NZ Herald) 

Brighter Future? Doing DOC’s work (Radio NZ)

Gene drives in conservation (Science Media Centre)  

Lack of genetic diversity hinders native birds (Radio NZ) 

Are there too many native birds? (Radio NZ) 

Myrtle rust: It’s not too late to eradicate (Radio NZ) 


Cate Macinnis-Ng 

Fighting kauri dieback with the ‘super science’ of cow dung? Stinks of bullshit (The Spinoff) 

Closing the Waitakere Ranges might be ‘just not possible’, but could it even work? (Stuff)

Kauri Dieback in the Waitakeres – Expert Reaction (Science Media Centre)


Dan Hikuroa 

Combining the knowledge and values of our ancestors, with science (Māori Television) 

The world’s struggling seas need new legal status, expert says (Stuff) 

Anne Salmond: Election is a seismic shift in the nation’s psyche (NZ Herald) 

Beneath New Zealand Season 2, 2017. Presenter of a three-part part documentary series (The Discovery Channel)

Whakarongo, whakarongo, whakarongo, ki te kōrero o te Tohora: Who speaks for the gulf? (Gulf Journal)

Nau mai haere mai ki WaiNZ – An online conversation about water (#WaiNZ) 

 Te Awaroa – Voice of the river (#WaiNZ) 

Kaitiakitanga it is our only hope (Newsroom) 

Mauri of waters compromised (Newsroom)

Mātauranga Māori in contemporary research (Royal Society Te Apārangi)

Dan was also a panellist on Five R & R shows; Te Awa Tupua, Silencing Science, Te Reo Rangatira, Marae Resilience, and Climate Change, and was also invited to be interviewed by Phillippe Cousteau for the fourth season of Exploration Awesome Planet.


Dion O’Neale 

Study tracks historic movement of Maori groups (NZ Herald)


Isabel Castro 

Big-brother listens in to native birds to help protect them (Stuff) 

Saving our birds through their own song (NZ Herald)

Kiwi research partnership in Motu (Gisborne Herald)

Bird scarers sound off in The Square (Stuff)


Isabelle Sin 

Report says women paid less even when as productive (Stuff)

Women’s Work and the Gender Wage Gap (Radio NZ)

Sexism pure & simple, blamed for gender pay gap (Radio NZ)

The new evidence that proves, beyond a doubt, the NZ gender pay gap is real (The Spinoff)

Gender pay gap continues to persist (Newshub)

Sexism driving gender pay gap – study (NZ Herald)


Jeanette McLeod 

Maths & crafts: Using crochet and origami to teach mathematics (Radio NZ)

Bringing maths to the masses in a craft day (One News)


Kate Hannah 

Scientists raise $13k for women to study (Radio NZ)

Hidden Figures: ‘Doing science backwards in high heels’ (The Spinoff)

The science of spin (Noted)

NZ could be Trump-era ‘Athens’ (NZ Herald)

New Zealand’s invisible women scientists (Radio NZ)

Is this pale, male, stale Royal Society line-up some kind of historical reenactment? (The Spinoff)


Mark Wilson 

Why are universities spending millions to access publicly funded research? (The Spinoff)

Universities spend millions on accessing results of publicly funded research (The Conversation)


Michelle Dickinson 

Real dangers of drinking (NZ Herald)

How to sleep your way slim and healthy (NZ Herald)

Can you prove who you are? (NZ Herald)

A glimpse at the future of tech in 2018 from CES (NZ Herald)

Bursts of flavour (NZ Herald)

Moods and booze – It’s all in the mind (NZ Herald)

Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson – an engineering superhero with a story to tell (Stuff)

Sweet news about cancer and sugar (NZ Herald)

Documentaries bad for your health? (NZ Herald)

Power in placebo rationale (NZ Herald)


Murray Cox 

How Indonesia’s DNA secrets could help NZ (NZ Herald)

Top research honour for NZ supervolcano expert Colin Wilson (NZ Herald)

$15.6m Marsden funding a record for Massey (Scoop)

Native Affairs reveal DNA test of full-blooded Maori woman (Stuff)


Rebecca Priestley 

Tears, cheers and a timely celebration of good, meaningful science (The Spinoff)


Rhian Salmon 

Q&A: Is our media covering climate change well? (NZ Herald)


Richard Easther 

Lift off! New Zealand’s Rocket Lab launches first rocket into orbit from Māhia Peninsula (Stuff)

NZ study: what holds our universe together? (NZ Herald)

RIP, Cassini. Thanks for all the memories NZ Herald: A huge discovery’ – Kiwis hail Nobel win (The Spinoff)

Everything you wanted to know about… gravity (NZ Herald)

University of Auckland Celebrates $19.8M from Marsden Fund (Scoop)

Watch: Rocket Lab’s successful Hawke’s Bay launch fuels commercial interest (One News)

What was that strange object glowing above New Zealand on Anzac Day? (The Spinoff)

Rocket Lab successful launch and payload deployment – Expert reaction (Science Media Centre)

What’s next for NZ’s teen genius? (NZ Herald)


Sally Davenport

New Year Honours 2018: Business, philanthopy, arts and media (NBR)

Where science benefits business and society (NZ Business)

SfTI Challenge Researcher Numbers Near 200 (National Science Challenges)


Shaun Hendy 

Does NZ really have a science denial problem? (NZ Herald)

Agency criticised for favouring business over science (Radio NZ)

Coalition deal: Is our new R&D goal realistic? (NZ Herald)

Experts ponder solution to lagging research and development spending (Stuff) 

Budget: Five takes on this year’s science spend (NZ Herald)

Analysts welcome R&D investment (NZ Herald)

Should daylight saving time be extended in New Zealand? (Stuff)

University group rejects ‘white pride’ accusations (Radio NZ)

Marsden Fund awards $84m (Science Media Centre)

Thousands take part in science protests around world (Radio NZ)


Siouxsie Wiles 

Placebo effect likely behind Te Kiri Gold testimonials, Dr Siouxsie Wiles says (Stuff)

Could superbug ‘Kryptonite’ be in NZ forests? (NZ Herald)

Microbiologist warns of ‘pre-antibiotic era’ and urges action on resistance (Stuff)

Siouxsie Wiles: Warning against growing number of anti-science sceptics (Newstalk ZB)

A message to Whakatāne about Vaxxed, from a microbiologist and parent (The Spinoff)

Today and every day we salute you: the brilliant, invisible women of science (The Spinoff)

Search for NZ superbug cure turns to crowdfunding (Radio NZ)

Diving into the muddy water of ‘swimmable’’ (Radio NZ)

Cold discomfort pharma: what does the science say on whether the drugs work? (The Spinoff)

Sorry Paleo Pete, but I’ll take medical qualifications over your ‘common sense’ any day (The Spinoff)


Stephen Marsland 

Big-brother listens in to native birds to help protect them (Stuff)

Saving our birds through their own song (NZ Herald) 

$15.6m Marsden funding a record for Massey (Voxy)


Suzi Kerr 

ETS or carbon tax? NZ needs a strategy (Newsroom) 

Carbon report: Plant native trees, save cash (NZ Herald)

Air NZ sustainability panel gets new members (NZ Herald)

Global support for ‘Trump Forest’ stuns NZ trio (Otago Daily Times)

Study boost for carbon farming on Coast (Gisborne Herald)

East Coast land study builds case for lucrative native forest future (NZ Herald)

Synthetic milk? Lab-grown meat? Microgrids? How New Zealand can disrupt climate change (The Spinoff)


Thegn Ladefoged

 Study tracks historic movement of Maori groups (NZ Herald)


Troy Baisden 

 New regional council chair in lake and freshwater science (Rotorua Daily Post)