2016 In the Media


The launch of Te Pūnaha Matatini was profiled by RNZ’s Our Changing World – (Science of complex systems.) 



Shaun Hendy has a regular slot as Physics Correspondent on Radio New Zealand Nights and has done more than a dozen public talks. Shaun is regularly approached for comment on science and policy by the media. 

Shaun Hendy – Silencing Science (Radiolive)

The high public cost of muzzling scientists (Stuff.co.nz)

Prominent scientist talks about Silencing Science (NZ Herald)

Are New Zealand’s scientific experts really dead – or just resting? (The Spinoff)

Silencing Scientists: Shaun Hendy on why science should be ‘open’ (RNZ)



Rebecca Priestley, winner of the 2016 Prime Ministers Science Communication Prize, is a regular contributor to the New Zealand Listener and has also appeared regularly in a variety of other media over 2016. 

Rebecca Priestley: anthologising Antarctica (RNZ)

Antarctica Q&A: Dr Rebecca Priestley (NZ Herald)

Rebecca Priestley’s Dispatches from Continent Seven (Stuff.co.nz)

Q&A with Mark Broatch, NZ Listener (NZ Listener)

Individualistic behaviour is increasing energy use, 9 August 2016 (NZ Listener)

Melted ice age (NZ Listener)

Long-term hazards of Taupo’s

supervolcanoes (NZ Listener)

Rosetta spacecraft: Comets could have played a crucial role in the emergence of life on Earth (NZ Listener)

The “sound” of black holes banging together (NZ Listener)

The effects of plastic microbeads in facial scrubs (NZ Listener)

Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary (NZ Listener)

Trappings of success (NZ Listener)

Silencing Science by Shaun Hendy (NZ Listener) 

The intersection of astrophysics and matauranga Maori (NZ Listener)



Siouxsie Wiles, named a Blake Leader 2016 by the Sir Peter Blake Trust, is a regular science commentator on RNZ and also appeared regularly throughout the media in 2016. 

Funds needed to fight superbugs (NZ Herald)

Brave Eva Mitchell’s new challenge (NZ Herald)

Making science cool for our kids (NZ Herald)

Prominent scientist talks about Silencing Science (NZ Herald)

Scientists hope NZ fungi offer ‘treasure trove of new antibiotics’ (NZ Herald)

Siouxsie Wiles is on the hunt for a cure (Stuff)

The Big Read: Is the world on the brink of an antibiotic apocalypse? (NZ Herald)

Summer reissue: Who needs scientists when Mike Hosking is here to school us? (The Spinoff)

In the fight against the superbug apocalypse, don’t fall for the idea that infectious diseases only happen somewhere else (The Spinoff)

Superbugs spark fears of superbug apocalypse (Otago Daily Times)

Urgent action needed to combat killer infections (Stuff)

Superbugs found in everyday activities, but don’t fret over them (Stuff)

Calling a vagina a vagina: why cutesy code words are terrible for our sexual health (The Spinoff)

2016 Blake Medallist and Leaders named (NBR)

Glow-in-the-dark bugs bring art to life (NZ Herald)


Michelle Dickinson, winner of the Callaghan Medal for science communication, is a trusted name in science media in New Zealand. Michelle was regularly a featured contributor for NZ Herald, RadioLive and Newshub. 

Michelle Dickinson: “There is a little girl out there, nine weeks old … she is genetically half mine” (Noted)

Michelle Dickinson on getting kids into science (ASB)

Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson: The quality of science (NZ Herald)

Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson: NZ could be medicinal cannabis pioneer (NZ Herald)

Extra day to make our calendars stay in line (NZ Herald)
Michelle Dickinson – Dream Team session (The Sir Peter Blake Trust)

Vodafone xone Innovators Series: Michelle Dickinson (AKA Nanogirl) on changing kids’ attitudes towards science and technology (Idealog)

Nanogirl Michelle Dickinson will travel the country to show science is ‘cool, loud, fun’ (Stuff.co.nz)


Isabelle Sin 

Employee trial period a failure – report (RNZ)

90-day trials ‘aren’t doing much at all’ – research (Stuff.co.nz)

John Key dismisses research that finds 90-day trial doesn’t boost employment (NZ Herald)

 Key dismisses report (TVNZ) 

90-day trial law a ‘paper tiger’ (Newshub)

Ninety-day trial period has no impact on hiring (NBR)

‘We’re comfortable law is working’ – Key dismisses report on 90-day trials (TVNZ)



Other Te Pūnaha Matatini investigators whose research featured in the media in 2016: 

Murray Cox 

DNA detectives rewrite human history (NZ Herald)

Skeletons reveal ancestors of Māori (NZ Herald)

New research on ancient Pacific skeletons reveals Māori ancestors (Stuff.co.nz)

Ancient DNA shows Asian farmers first Pacific people (RNZ)

DNA shows first inhabitants of Vanuatu came from Philippines and Taiwan (The Guardian)

DNA reveals Lapita ancestors of Pacific Islanders came from Asia Personal profile in the Dominion Post (ABC Australia)


Andrea Byrom 

Andrea Byrom: science challenges and pests (RNZ)   

Cash to give pests run for money (NZ Herald)


Cate Macinnis-Ng 

Government lays out scientific roadmap (RNZ)

Climate change needs to be treated with more urgency, says scientist (NZ Herald)

Auckland mayoral candidate Vic Crone defends climate change comments (NZ Herald)


Kate Hannah 

In 2016, the Massey chancellor says women vets are worth ‘two fifths’ of men. And we wonder why there are too few women in science (The Spinoff)


Richard Easther 

Scientists say they’ve found a planet in a habitable zone – and it’s Earth-sized (Stuff.co.nz)

The Kaikoura quake brought out the best in GeoNet. Not so much in some politicians (The Spinoff)


Dan Hikuroa 

Transforming Māori communities (Stuff.co.nz)

Dan Hikuroa looks at Māori involvement in the formation of a new plan for the Gulf (Gulf Journal)


Rachael Ka’ai-Mahuta 

Indigenous voices with Dr Rachael Ka’ai-Mahuta (Born Digital 2016)

Maori Language Week 2016: Facebook in deal to take native language to modern day (NZ Herald)


Dion O’Neale 

Māori social systems focus of a novel research collaboration (Scoop)


Pierre Roudier 

Soil science with Pierre Roudier on RNZ Nights (RNZ Series)


Rhian Salmon 

Ice Science (RNZ)


Suzi Kerr 

Assessing the impacts of Motu’s Low-Emission Future Programme (Blog)


Tava Olsen 

Tava Olsen: Here is a hot solution to Auckland’s traffic congestion (NZ Herald)