This scholarship forms part of the broader work of the Te Pūnaha Matatini Complex Economic and Social Networks research theme. More specifically, the scholarship is linked to a programme of work on economic geography, investigating the impacts of spatial and network proximity. The scholarship will be located at either the University of Auckland (UoA) or Victoria University of Wellington (VUW).

The doctoral work will analyse the nature and implications of job networks within and between New Zealand cities. The movement of employees between firms provides a potential channel for flows of knowledge and ideas, and a mechanism for establishing personal and organisational connections. The student will document key statistical properties of the job flow network, and investigate the contribution that network links make to firm performance and worker earnings. Firm performance would be captured by measures such as profitability, productivity, research and development rates, innovation rates, or exporting behaviour.

The supervisory team is multi-disciplinary and from multiple institutions. The student will be enrolled at either UoA or VUW and will work under the supervision of Dr Isabelle Sin (Economics; VUW and Motu Research), Dr Dion O’Neale (Physics; UoA) and Dr David Maré (Economics; Motu Research).

The applicant should have a first class or high second class Honours or Master’s degree in a relevant scientific and quantitative discipline (eg. economics, applied mathematics, physics), strong mathematical and programming skills, and a strong interest in economic geography, and social and economic networks. The applicant will start their PhD enrolment by March 2018, though could start any time from 1 November 2017.

Total value
There is one scholarship, which is tenable for three years and will pay for tuition fees (for a domestic or international student) and a stipend of $27,300 per annum.

How to apply
For further information and to apply, please contact:
Dr David Maré
Motu Research

What conditions are attached to acceptance of this Award?
Applicants must have the entry requirements for a PhD and will have to be accepted as a PhD student in either UoA or VUW.